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May 10, 2019  

The first round lithium polymer cell

battery discharge test equipment for tiny batteries
Battery discharge tester for small and tiny cells
the largest selection of lithium polymer cells in the world
The largest off-the-shelf selection of lithium polymer cells in the world
lithium ion battery charger catalogChargers for lithium polymer cells for experimental and engineering work
ultrathin lithium ion batteries
Round format lithium polymer cell.
Up to now lithium polymer batteries have all had rectangular shapes. Now we have developed a technology to make round or even free-form shapped batteries.

1. High operating voltage (3.7V)
2. Energy density is high
3. No memory effect
4. Self-discharge is less than 1% per month
5. Charge/discharge cycle characteristics are excellent
6. Safety characteristics are excellent
7. Processing temperatures for these cells is 100°C for less than 60 seconds, 120°C for less than 20 seconds and 140°C for less than 5 seconds.
8. Custom sizes can be developed with tooling and minimum order quantity costs. Maximum thickness 5mm, maximum diameter 50mm

Available now:
Nominal Voltage
Rated capacity
T x W x H mm
1-19 pieces 20-99 pieces 100+ 1000+
GMT353533 UN38.3 3.5 mm 3.7 350 mAH 35mm diameter $10.00
GMT353533-PCB UN38.3         $12.00
GMT403533   4 mm 3.7V 400 mAH 35mm diameter soon to be stocked      
GMT403533-PCB   4 mm 3.7V 400 mAH 35mm diameter soon to be stocked      
GMT483533 UN38.3 4.8 mm 3.7 490 mAH 35 mm diameter $10.00
GMT483533-PCB UN38.3         $12.00
GMT503533 UN38.3 5 mm 3.7 490mAH 35mm diameter $10.00
GMT503533-PCB UN38.3 5 mm 3.7 490 mAH 35mm diameter $12.00add_to_cart.gif $9.50    
GMT603533   6 mm 3.7 600mAH 35 mm diameter soon to be stocked      
GMT603533-PCB           soon to be stocked      

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